Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We Are Moving !

This is a very exciting news for all of us here. Happy Place Reviews has found a new home over At WordPress 

Our New location is :   http://www.happyplacereviews.com/

We look forward to seeing you over on the new site.  We are adding new  recipes reviews and so much more.

Friday, December 9, 2016

How to Achieve a work Life Balance

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How to achieve a work/life balance  

Practical solutions to the four most common work/life balance problems. 
Work life balance 
We all want to have a happy balance between our personal and professional lives. But how can we go about it? Linda Smith tackles the four most common work/life balance problems. 
You want to spend more time with family and friends: 
Make a commitment that when you come home from work, you are going to inspire, rather than drain, the people you love. Don’t dwell on work problems - your kids and friends don’t care, they want the fun version of you, not the work version. Make a time, say from 6pm-9pm, when your phone and laptop are switched off and you don’t think about work. Schedule a regular date night with your partner, or a girls night with friends once a month - whatever you need to make you feel like you are in control of your life rather than just being controlled by work. 
You want to bolster your health and fitness: 
Rather than say ‘I want to go to the gym more’, set yourself more specific goals like ‘I want to lose 10kg in 12 months’, ‘I want to train for the upcoming 10km fun run’, or ‘I want to attend three gym classes a week’. Then schedule exercise into your diary just as you would a business meeting, or trip to the dentist, so you can achieve these goals. If you fall off the wagon then get back on - if an important, last-minute work meeting clashes with your scheduled yoga class don’t get angry at your boss and give up on your road to a balanced lifestyle, simply take a few deep breaths and reschedule the yoga class - finding balance is all about flexibility and adaptability. 
You want to work less for others and work more on own pursuits: 
Chucking in your job to follow your dreams of running your own business is good in theory, but it’s hard work. Start slowly. If possible cut back your working hours to four days week and use the extra day to build your business at home. Also question if it’s what you really want. Working in your PJs might sound nice, but consider whether working at home will suit you -- it’s not going to work if you hate being alone or can’t work without a boss or colleagues to motivate you, and it may not be the best option for you if you value financial security and feel stressed without a regular pay packet. 
You want to declutter your life: 
Emotional and physical baggage can hold us back from a balanced lifestyle. So clean out your spare room and your wardrobe, create a filing system for paperwork and ditch friends who drag you down. Use your smartphone to program daily reminders for tasks such as taking your multivitamin, to reduce the amount of mental clutter. Simplicity is one of the most valuable conditions you can get in the quest for that elusive ‘balance’. 
**All credit goes to the orginal author Women Health's and Fitness****

Time for you to find your Healthy Balance - Happy Healthy you

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Say Hello to your Child's new best friend Muzzy BBC

MuzzyBBC & Language Acquisition Give Your Kid the Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

How often have you bought your kid that one toy they just had to have only to find that less than a week later it holds absolutely no interest for your child? The toy likely ended up discarded in a pile, taking up space, no longer played with. I know you’ve been there and done that. 
So this holiday season, why not give your child a gift that last a lifetime?
As a Mom, giving your child the opportunity to learn a new language is a present that gives your kid an edge in life, builds valuable skills, and is something that will be with them forever.  
Starting at young age is important. And Muzzy is the ideal vehicle to send your child down the path of learning a new language. Developed by the BBC, the Muzzy system has introduced millions of children worldwide another language. Muzzy uses animated videos featuring a host of fun characters in order to convey its language lessons. The end result provides children with a lot advantages. 
As a Mom, you want your children to have:
Better communication skills by being exposed to multiple languages and be more effective at communicating ideas. Bilingual kids are better at reasoning their way through complex ideas and then expressing them in a clear manner.
Develop skills that translate to other subjects including math and reading. Children that know multiple languages are more successful at math than children who speak just one language. Their reading skills also develop quicker than those of their monolingual counterparts. 
Be more culturally aware by understanding other societies through language and see that the world is interconnected.
Show improved cognitive flexibility thus allowing them to go with the flow and be well-adjusted.
Display Enhanced creativity because shifting from language to language gives children the capacity to use information in new and different ways.
Improved memory by learning to retain more information.
Sharpen listening skills, which results in being able to follow directions and complete tasks in a more timely and accurate way.

This is the ultimate gift for your child.

Get Your Child Started With MUZZY Today... $1 For 30 Days! Click here for more information about MuzzyBBC!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

7 Charming Sisters , Style you can believe in .

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As a 7 Charming sisters customer , I would like to share with you a recent purchase of mine . The Disco  Queen earrings. They are absolutely  gorgeous. I look forward to wearing them  to both Christmas and New Years Eve events. They shimmer and sparkle, making you feel just like a dancing queen on the dance floor. Be your own dancing queen on the dance floor with 7 Charming Sister , it leave everyone wonder just who that girl is on the dance floor.

holiday jewelry holiday jewelry

What is your Cents of Style?

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Time for a Happier Healthier you !

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Healthy Happy You

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Happy Healthy New You !

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I am very Happy to share with you a new product that I have found called  Happy Healthy You. As we head into the new year we start thinking of our goals. One of goals is usually health related like losing all that holiday weight that we have gained over the holidays. But what if we made another goal to go along with the weight loss? In my next two post I'm going to share with you ideas on how you can get you can get yourself mind fit ! What is mind fit you ask? It is getting rid of all the stress , losing that tired over whelmed feeling that we all feel on a daily bases.

Here is a little bit about this amazing new product , that I'm sure that you are going to love.
28 days of structured guidance, inspiration, & motivation to help you design a balanced lifestyle, implement new habits, and unleash your happiness.
There’s a lot to do to create the best year of your life.
Here's what you'll learn:
-How to determine the lifestyle that would appeal to you most.
-How to look to your past for clues about yourself and your mistakes.
-How to achieve balance in 7 areas of your life
-How to set goals that achieve balance in your life.
-How to develop a 12 month plan.
Here's what you get:
o 28 Day Guided Program with daily, actionable bite-sized points so that you can successfully get through the course
o Clear-cut, effective assignments, worksheets, handy checklists so that you can check off each point, delivered directly to your inbox
o Specific, essential exercises & workbooks, delivered directly to your inbox, to help you create balance in your life and set smart, effective, achievable goals.
o Inspirational Fables & Stories
o Thought provoking reflections for self analysis
Live your best year ever! Get started today.
By now your probably wondering just how you can get this amazing product. Well here is how you can get on the road to a Happy Healthy  New You in the new year.
Normal Price: $97.00 -  Season Special: $77.00 - Enter Coupon: NewYou2017
View it here: Happy Healthy You